Mole Crickets in Florida

R.I. Sailer, J.A. Reinert, Drion Boucias, Philip Busey,
R.L. Kepner, T.G. Forrest, W.G. Hudson, T.J. Walker
(T.J. Walker, editor)

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Biology of Pest Mole Crickets
    Systematics and Life Cycles (T.J. Walker)
p. 3-10 (p. 4)
    Reproductive Behavior (T.G. Forrest) p. 10-15
    Other Behavior, Damage, and Sampling (W.G. Hudson) p. 16-21
III. Biological Control of Mole Crickets
    Natural Enemies (R.I. Sailer)
p. 23-32 (p. 24-25)
    Diseases (Drion Boucias) p. 32-35
    Resistant Varieties (James A. Reinert and Philip Busey) p. 35-40
IV. Chemical Control of Mole Crickets (R.L. Kepner) p. 41-48
V. Further Reading p. 49
  References 51-54