Songs of Caribbean Crickets

This is on the SINA website partly because coastal south Florida has some habitats that are similar to those in Cuba and other islands in the Caribbean. This led me (TJW) to try to learn more about Caribbean crickets and katydids, because it seemed likely that south Florida species that I thought to be undescribed might have already been described from Caribbean material by earlier entomologists. It is also here because SINA is an easy way to make web accessible some data that should be openly available even if I fail to complete the manuscript and submit it to a journal. If this turns out to be the case, the copyright I place on this presentation of the data requires attribution only, or, more formally, it is Creative Commons's CC-BY license [link or explanation to be added].

Introduction: What is below is basically what had been completed by April 2015 for a paper entitled "Songs and names of 44 species of Caribbean crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)." Work on it resumed in September 2015.

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Green highlighting = Song significant in discussion of song categories in text of paper.

Species name WTL Tape No. MLNS No. Song category (after Otte 1992) Illustrative excepts from associated recordings
Scapsipedus jamaicensis


114570 NA e1, e2, e3
Anurogryllus nerthus
70-115 131728 continuous trill e3
Anurogryllus amolgos
70-314 131927 continuous trill e1
Anurogryllus annae
70-336 131949 continuous trill e3
Geogryllus ochleros
70-152 131765 chirp e3
Geogryllus nesion
70-184 131797 chirp e1
Geogryllus ametros
70-109 131722 chirp e3
Geogryllus babylas
68-580 114475 complex chirp e3
Geogryllus chledos
70-091 131704 chirp e3
Geogryllus amplior
68-590 114487 chirp e3
Geogryllus illotus
70-339 131952 chirp e3a
Geogryllus delphis
70-233 131846 chirp e3
Pteronemobius perbonus
70-375 131988 continuous trill e3
Pteronemobius belteros
70-271 131884 continuous trill e3
Anaxipha sinktrilla
68-566 114461 complex trills e1, e3a, e3b, e3c, e3d, e3e
Anaxipha slotinka
68-648 114552 1-pulse chirp e3a
Anaxipha daktrilla
68-675 114579 complex trills e3a
Anaxipha nidaka
68-642 114544 1-pulse chirps alternated? e3a
Anaxipha nimitata
73-310 133724 complex trills e3a
Anaxipha negrila
70-290 131903 short trills e1

Anaxipha insularis F.Walker 1869

70-227 131840 complex chirp e3a
Cyrtoxipha catherinae
70-053 131666 complex chirp e3a, e3b
Cyrtoxipha clarki
68-496 114374 complex chirp e3b
Hapithus protos
68-575 114470 chirp e3
Orocharis euprepes
70-393 132006 complex chirp e3
Orocharis elyunquensis
69-072 133471 complex chirp e3
Antillicharis idanos
69-176 133575 chirp e3
Antillicharis nanion
73-351 133764 chirp e3
Antillicharis facetus
92-29 to be assigned chirp e3
Antillicharis kirrhos
Antillicharis gratus
70-377 131990 chirp e3b
Antillicharis dystheratos
70-362 131975 complex chirp e3
Antillicharis vocatus
70-217 131830 complex chirp e3b, e3c
Antillicharis volatus
70-142 131755 chirp e3b
Alexandrina pisina
69-171 133570 chirp e3
Carylla tenebrans
69-131 133530 complex chirp e3c, e3d
Laurellia limata
69-173 133572 complex chirp e3
Laurepa kropion
92-37 to be assigned complex chirp e3b
Laurepa canaster
68-565 114460 complex chirp e3d, e3e
Laurepa mundula
70-381 131994 chirp e3
Laurepa krybelos
69-143 133592 long chirps e3
Laurepa killos
68-676 114580 complex chirp e3b
Diatrypa bellulus
92-38 to be assigned continuous trill e3
Paroecanthus hwinanus
70-065 131678 continuous trill e3
Paroecanthus otaros
68-509 114387 continuous trill e3