fast-tinkling trig
Anaxipha tinnulacita

Circles show county records; shading shows likely general distribution.
Filled circles are records based on recorded songs, examined specimens, or both; open circles are for less positively documented records.

The New York record is from a 9/20/2017 email from Brandon Woo in which he reported, “About a week ago I heard an unusual cricket call in an ornamental sumac on Cornell's campus. I recognized it as some sort of Anaxipha and spent a few hours trying to find it, with no luck. I went back the next night with a few friends, and we eventually managed to secure 4 males and 2 females. They were all in recently planted shrubs right near the center of campus, which leads me to believe that they were introduced here; I haven't heard them anywhere else in the area.” This record is noteworthy because Anaxipha exigua is the only other Anaxipha that occurs so far north [map]. In an email of 10/15/2017, Woo reported hearing a group of 8 to 9 male A. tinnulacita calling in landscaped shrubbery in a small city park in Boston, Massachusetts. He managed to collect one male and is sending it to David Funk.