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Japanese burrowing cricket

Velarifictorus micado

distribution map for Velarifictorus micado
Dots show county records; shaded area shows likely general distribution.
Computer-generated distribution map, produced in 2003 from records in a database available on this site.

The Columbia, Missouri, record is based on a song recorded by Vince Marshall, Sep.-Oct. 2000.

The north-most Indiana record is from a 12/29/2014 email from Carl Strang, who recognized that it was far north of where V. micado had been found before. Because the species was in large numbers in a disturbed area, he thought that "they almost certainly have been building their numbers over at least a couple of years, demonstrating their abilities to survive our winters."

The New York record is from a 9/20/2017 email from Brandon Woo in which he reported finding several individuals of this species on the Cornell campus. This range extension is similar to previous ones in that the species was found in a landscaped area rather than a natural habitat. The Boston record, also from Woo, was of males audiorecorded in a city park, similar to other reports of this species from urban sites.