Mormon ground cricket
Neonemobius mormonius (Scudder 1896)

male & female

23 s of calling song [1.96MB]; male from Sabrino Canyon, Pima Co., Ariz.; 26.6C. (WTL526-2a)
6 s of calling song [245KB]; same as above but truncated and downsampled.
25 s of calling song [2.34MB]; male from Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles Co., Calif.; 23.1C. Recording by D.A. Gray, used by permission.
In the latter part of this recording another male is making loud ticks as the subject male calls. The loud ticks may be courtship, because a female was present.
30 s of calling song [2.50MB]; male from Santa Anna River, Riverside Co., Calif.; 24.7C. (WTL1968-56)

Sound spectrogram of 12 s of calling at 26.6°C (from WTL526-2a).
Dominant frequency of initial ticks, 8.0 kHz; of trill, 7.5 increasing to 7.7 kHz.
Click on first half of spectrogram to hear graphed song.
Click on last 3 seconds to expand last 0.5 s of spectrographic image.

This species may have spread eastward from its original distribution (see Neonemobius nr. mormonius).

n. Fla. seasonal data.

Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)