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common short-tailed cricket

Anurogryllus arboreus T. Walker 1973

image image image image
map calling male mating pair calling male
image image image image
teneral female mating pair excavated burrow staked burrows
image image image image
mating pair two males push up juvenile (last instar)
image image image  
male wing strokes/s file teeth/mm  
20 s of calling song; male from Alachua County, FL; 23.0°C. (WTL491-26b)
19 s of conflict song; male from Alachua County, FL; 20.8°C. (WTL491-25)
20 s of calling-while-coupled song; male from Alachua County, FL; 23.0°C. (WTL491-26a)
 Click on sound bar to hear graphed song.
Sound spectrogram of 1 s of calling at 23.0°C (from WTL491-26b). Dominant frequency 5.6 kHz.
Click on spectrogram to expand 0.1 s of spectrographic image.
Seasonal data: N. Fla. seasonal data.
More information:
subfamily Gryllinae, genus Anurogryllus
References: See genus page.
Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)
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