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spring field cricket

Gryllus veletis (Alexander and Bigelow 1960)

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21 s of calling song, male from Berrien County, Mich., 25.6°C. Dominant frequencey 4.9 kHz (WTL488-4). Click on sound bar to hear entire recording.
This sound spectrogram is a 2 s excerpt of the 21 s audio file accessible above. The excerpt begins at 0 s. Click on sound bar to hear graphed song.
Identification: Identification:  G. veletis and G. pennsylvanicus cannot be reliably distinguished by either song or external morphology (although in some localities the ovipositors of G. pennsylvanicus average substantially longer than those of G. veletis). However, G. veletis overwinters as mid-to-late instar juveniles, whereas G. pennsylvanicus overwinters in the egg stage. Both species have only one generation per year. Consequently, G. veletis adults are most abundant in spring and G. pennsylvanicus adults are most abundant in fall. In all localities where the species have been studied, a few adults of the two species occur together in midsummer.
More information:
Gryllinae, genus Gryllus
References: Sakaluk 1993a, 1993b; see additional references on genus page.
Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)
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