sand field cricket
Gryllus firmus Scudder 1902

long-winged female
short-winged female
long-winged male
file characters

20 s of calling song [1.85MB]; male from Alachua County, FL; 24.8C. (WTL481-24)
5 s of calling song [256KB]; same as above but truncated and down-sampled.

Sound spectrogram of 2 s of calling at 24.8C (from WTL481-24). Dominant frequency 3.6 kHz.
Click on spectrogram to hear graphed song.

In most of its range, Gryllus firmus is the only chirping, field-inhabiting Gryllus. In South Florida it overlaps with Gryllus assimilis. To the north its range overlaps with G. veletis and G. pennsylvanicus and it sometimes hybridizes with the latter species (Harrison and Bogdanowicz 1997).

N. Fla. seasonal data.

More information:  subfamily Gryllinae, genus Gryllus

References:  See genus page.

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)