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Keys wood cricket

Gryllus cayensis

distribution map for gryllus cayensis
Dots show records in the upper and lower Florida Keys and in Dade and Collier Counties, Florida; shaded area shows likely general distribution.
Computer-generated distribution map, produced in 2003 from records in a database available on this site.

(Note: Monroe County, Florida, includes the southwest portion of the tip of mainland Florida and the upper and lower keys. These three parts of that county are mapped separately in the "dot maps" but not in the computer-generated distribution maps, which are strictly at the county level.)

The north-most record on the map is near Bonita Springs but south of it, in Collier County. The specimen is a female in the Florida State Collection of Arthropods. Its label indicates it was collected 2 miles S [of] 865 on 865A on 16 Sep 1969 by David L. Mays. [The numbers are road numbers but the system for naming county and state roads in this part of Florida has been changed at least twice since 1969.]