northern wood cricket
Gryllus vernalis Blatchley 1920


20 s of calling song [1.72MB]; male from Hickman Co., Ky.; 25.0°C. (WTL1996-20)
6 s of calling song [259KB]; same as above but truncated and downsampled.

Sound spectrogram of 2 s of calling at 25.0°C (from WTL1996-020). Dominant frequency 4.7 kHz.
Click on spectrogram to hear graphed song.

The song of Gryllus vernalis resembles that of G. fultoni but has a slower pulse rate within the chirps and a slower chirp rate. Wav files of its calling song will soon be added here.

More information:  subfamily Gryllinae, genus Gryllus

References:  Jang and Gerhardt 2005, Jang and Gerhardt 2006.

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)