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Saussure's scaly cricket

Cycloptiloides americanus (Saussure 1874)

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ovipositor front of male rear leg  
Alien origin and spread of this SINA species.
Remarks: This tiny scaly cricket (<6 mm) is known from the continental United States from eight specimens collected in 1949 and 1950 by H.F. Strohecker (1952, p. 683) in his house in Miami. Because all houses in his neighborhood were built in 1948 he concluded that it was probable that the species was already present in the pine woods that were removed prior to building.

The type locality of C. americanus is Cuba and its New World distribution includes Vera Cruz, Baja California, Venezuela, and Hawaii. Love & walker (1979, p. 10) note that "Such a distribution suggests a well traveled adventive. Perhaps americanus came to the New World in the same slave ships that brought the "American" cockroach." They cite Rehn 1945 as stimulating this speculation.
References: Mesa et al. 2002.
Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)
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