Pictet’s shieldback
Idiostatus californicus

Female, Siskiyou County, California.
Photograph by Ron Lyons, used by permission.

In email of 10 Dec 2010, Ron Lyons sent these details of the circumstances of his photographing living I. californicus:

California Shieldback

I was only in this area once, late in September. There was a lot of calling at various places along the road, but I only saw this one female katydid and a male tree cricket nearby on the road. The katydid didn't really want to hold still for me, unfortunately, so I only got a couple of profile shots. This is the best one.

Date: 2009 September 29
USA: CA: Siskiyou [County]: McCloud: Pilgrim Creek Road: 6.4 mi north of Hwy 89: 41 19.310 N, 122 00.752 W, 3877 ft elevation

(On the map in the 2008 DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer, Pilgrim Creek Road intersects Highway 89 about 3 miles east of McCloud. McCloud is a small town east of Mount Shasta along Highway 89.)