giant katydid
Stilpnochlora couloniana

Eggs (laid on hibiscus stem) hatching; St. Lucie County, Florida.
The insect at center may not look like a hatching katydid but it is.
TJW originally judged it to be something else, but Iain Hunt wrote that "its legs are still within the egg sack and its head has not expanded fully giving the impression that it is a different insect." The scientist who took the picture settled the matter with another picture, which shows the same hatchling but with others that share some of its color and patterns.

Photograph by William A. Overholt, University of Florida Indian River Research and Education Center, used by permission.
Microcentrum rhombifolium and M. retinerve lay similar eggs. Because the eggs of Stilpnochlora couloniana were unknown at the time these eggs were collected, they were initially identified as eggs of one of these two Microcentrum species. However, one of the hatchlings was reared to a stage that was too patterned and whose hind tibia were too stout for a Microcentrum species. Its resemblance to a last-instar juvenile of Stilpnochlora couloniana is the basis of the identification of these eggs as belonging to that species.