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Subfamily Tettigoniinae

shield-backed katydids and allies

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There is no agreement on how many subfamilies of katydids should be recogonized and what they should be called. Until recently most of the North American species of Tettigoniinae were placed in Decticinae, a subfamily that is no longer recognized and whose species are now entirely within the subfamily Tettigoniinae (Otte 1997). Of the 123 species of North American Tettigoniinae, 120 were formerly in Decticinae. The three remaining species had originally been placed in the Decticinae, but Hubbellia marginifera was later moved to Tettigoniinae and two species of Neobarrettia were moved to Listroscelinae (=Listroscelidinae).

To view distribution maps and photographs and hear the songs of North American shield-backed katydids go to the list of species and access the species pages, which are under development.

See Walker 1997a and 1997b (below) for general treatments of Hubbellia marginifera and Neobarrettia spp.


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