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Accessing ca. 6460 cricket and katydid songs from SINA's FSCA section

How to find, view and listen to, and receive copies of TJW cricket and Katydid songs archived in the Macauley Library of Natural Sounds (MLNS) using the MLNS number

Go to:

One of two views of the MLNS home page will appear on your screen (yellow marks added):

image from MLNS web site

The search menu can be accessed by:

All 3 methods will lead to the search page, with the following menu (red mark added):

image from MLNS web site

Click on More Filters.

The top bar will expand to include a white box with many options (please disregard any images beneath the white box!):

image from MLNS web site

In the text box titled ML Catalog Number (or range), enter the MLNS number (or a range of numbers) then hit APPLY (or ENTER key). (The page will resize and readjust depending on how large your browser fills the screen so may look different from above image.)

The spectrogram will open in one of three views: Gallery, Grid, or List (click on icon to change view):

image from MLNS web site

To hear the song, click on the Play button or the spectrogram. An expanded spectrogram will open and begin playing.

If you want to download a song, you will have to send a request to ask for permission to do so. If the song is being used for research and/or some educational purposes, downloads are free; commercial uses and some educational uses require a fee.

The MLNS Download Media page details information about downloading media.

To request a download you need to have an account with MLNS. To set up an account, click on the Sign In button in the upper right hand corner of the web site. The page that opens will have a box for signing in; underneath that box will be a button labeled Create Account. Click on that button and follow the instructions.

Once you are registered and signed in, to send a request to download a song, find and go to the song you want, then go to the individual specimen page. You can do this by:

Once you are on the individual specimen page, the spectrogram is at the top of the page and underneath it, on the right side, is an icon of a key and next to it the words Add to request. Click on Add to request and follow the instructions. Requests are usually answered within a few days and there is no charge for making a request.

The MLNS Request Media page gives detailed information on how to make a request.

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