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Frequently? Asked Questions

Answers to seven questions that we hope you will get around to asking

How many species included in SINA are alien species established in America north of Mexico after Europeans began to colonize the New World?

Why do morphological keys in SINA sometimes lead to different subfamilies than formerly? (under construction)

How might singing insects be used by citizen scientists to further the study of climate change in America north of Mexico? (under construction)

Can I use the images and sounds I find on SINA in my own material?

See Copyrights.

When I notice errors or omissions in SINA, how should I report them?

Please report them to the current editor, who, until the continuance of SINA is turned over to the Orthopterists’ Society, will be T. J. Walker. His email address is If you find a problem with the design or operation of the web site, contact the current web master. She is Teresa Cooper. Her email is

How can I contribute new information, images, or sounds to SINA?

Contact the editor (see top of homepage).

How should I cite SINA in the "References Cited" section of a paper?

The minimum for citing SINA as the source of information included in a paper, should be (1) the year that SINA was consulted, (2) the expanded acronym, and (3) the URL of the website. (4) If hot links to the website are permitted, it would be a sin not to give readers a chance to see the site for their selves.

SINA. 2020. Singing Insects of North America [].

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