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Specimens and Songs of FSCA Ensifera

For the convenience of users, this part of SINA has been divided into the seven items listed below. The first five items are briefly described, and each of the seven items can be accessed by clicking on its title. Once the item is viewed the user can peruse what is offered or simply return to this menu.

(1)  Brief history of Ensifera holdings in FSCA
A two-page account of TJW’s curatorship of the FSCA’s Ensifera with the last half describing the development of the Walker Tape Library (WTL) and its systems of cataloguing tape recorded “cuts” of songs of known and unknown species.

(2)  Finding specimens of crickets and katydids in FSCA
An introduction to the physical layout of the pinned and alcohol Ensifera holdings in the Doyle Conner Building, followed by details of how to use two online catalogs to find specimens of species of interest. (This includes how to find tape-recorded specimens and the MLNS catalog numbers of their recorded songs.)

(3)  Tables from the GrylTett database
The origin, content, and history of the GrylTett database are summarized here. Of greatest importance to those interested in ensiferan songs is its tblRecordedSongs, which has links to ca. 6460 cuts from the Walker Tape Library that were digitized and archived by MLNS.

(4)  Accessing 6460 cricket and katydid songs from SINA's FSCA section
Illustrated steps to finding, exploring, and downloading ensiferan songs from Cornell’s Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds.

(5)  Relevant websites and their interrelations
A quick review of these sites and their interrelations: SINA, OSFO, MLNS, WTL, and IR@UF.

(6)  Suggestions for those in need of help regarding the FSCA section of SINA

(7)  Features of the rest of SINA that may benefit those primarily interested in the FSCA section

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