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2019 update

The 2019 update of SINA began in 2014 when TJW started preparing for ending his editorship of SINA. At that time, it seemed best to reduce the coverage of cicadas to the Florida species, the only ones that he felt qualified to cover. The original plan for SINA had been that Dr. Thomas E. Moore, Curator, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, would cover cicadas north of Mexico in much the same fashion as TJW was covering the cricket and katydids of that geographical area. The coverage of cicadas had not progressed very far in 13 years, and I decided to ask him to resign as co-editor of SINA in order to make feasible an update of SINA I hoped to complete before I passed or failed mentally. He resigned as requested in September 2014. Subsequently he agreed to leave on SINA his list of 53 mostly early references to North American cicadas, with links to the PDF files of their full text.

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