Scientific literature is housed in the Marston Science Library, the Health Sciences Library, and the Division of Plant Industry (DPI) library located in the Doyle Conner Building on the University of Florida campus. The DPI library emphasizes systematic and taxonomic works. The Entomology and Nematology Department Reading Room has a small collection of journals, texts, reference books, trade magazines, etc., and houses the theses and dissertations written by former students in the department. These resources are for use in the Reading Room only and are not to be removed. A copy machine in the Reading Room may be used to make copies of desired materials.

Bibliographic Searches

Finding relevant literature is vastly aided by computer searches of machine-readable databases. The databases include those from which Biological Abstracts, Helminthological Abstracts, Bibliography of Agriculture, and Review of Applied Entomology are prepared. Librarians in the Marston Science Library will help devise a search program that will include key words and category codes. They will also advise as to databases and formats that best fit the students needs and resources. The Entomology and Nematology Department Computer Laboratory also provides on-line access to these data bases.

Computer Laboratory

The department has an excellent computer laboratory (Room 1012). State-of-the-art hardware provides access to word processing, databases, spreadsheets, graphics, and statistical analysis software. Laser printers are available. Most of the computers in the lab are PCs but a few Macintoshes are available. Through this lab students are also provided access to electronic mail and library services. All students are urged to obtain a personal e-mail account as soon as possible after arrival on campus. Application forms are available in the Office of the Computer Support person, Steve Lasley, Room 1013.

Statistical Consultation

Statistical services are available to our students. Drs. John A. Cornell, Frank G. Martin, and Ramon C. Littell all have consultation with IFAS researchers as part of their duties. They are located in 526 McCarty Hall, phone 392-1946. For most consultations you will be referred to advanced graduate students in statistics, but the faculty are available if needed.

The student should consult with a statistician before experiments are undertaken rather than trying to salvage useful statistical information from experiments already conducted.


Through an arrangement between the Entomology and Nematology Department and ENSO (Entomology and Nematology Student Organization), students are provided access to a copy machine in the departmental Reading Room, Room 2105. A personal identification number (PIN) is needed to pay for copies, and can be purchased from the stockroom attendant, Nik Hostettler, Room 2326.

Libraries on campus are equipped with copy machines which anyone may use for a small charge.


All telephone calls from departmental telephones should be restricted to business needs. Long distance telephone calls must be restricted to business only since all long distance telephone calls are billed to our department and there is no arrangement for reimbursing the department.

When students have been authorized to make a long distance call on our telephones, they must use the SUNCOM system which is less expensive than regular long distance calls. Ask how to make SUNCOM calls before you dial.
The department should never receive a bill which includes calls made at regular long distance rates!

Photographic Darkroom and Graphics Laboratory

The department has a Graphics Specialist available for consultation and assistance with various types of art, graphics, and illustrations. The Graphics Lab, Room 1023, is also equipped with a darkroom. Arrangements for using the facility must be coordinated with the Graphics Specialist.

Employment Notices

We receive position announcements from the other land grant colleges as well as from many private firms. These announcements are posted in the order received on the bulletin board in the hallway across from the Computer Lab, Room 1027. Graduate students and faculty alike are free to look through these announcements any time.

Bulletin Boards

To acquaint students with events in the department and on campus, we maintain several bulletin boards throughout the building. One lists all seminars being offered by biologically-oriented departments on campus. Others, geared specifically for students, has information posted on ENSO activities and course listings. Three bulletin boards display photographs of all graduate students, on-campus faculty members, and support staff to help you match names with faces. There are numerous boards throughout the building which display research conducted by the various laboratories.

Student Mailboxes

Each graduate student is assigned a mailbox in which to receive regular postal mail as well as departmental announcements and special notices. Students should check their mailboxes regularly. They are located in Room 1025, the graduate room.


The department has a well-equipped stockroom (Room 2326) containing a variety of items, including some microscopes and projectors. Students (and faculty) may check out items needed for special projects. If you need a microscope or projector, please check with the stockroom attendant. Never take microscopes or projectors from the teaching laboratories!