Dr. Oscar E. Liburd


The primary course that I teach is ‘Field Techniques in Integrated Pest Management’, PMA 6228 / PMA 4570. In this course my goals are to teach students basic concepts in IPM and provide practical training on how IPM practices and concepts can be implemented into a production system. It is my belief that the student who is educated and understands the benefits of using IPM in a production system will in turn initiate programs and encourage other individuals to practice IPM techniques. This will further the advancement of environmentally friendly pest management programs.

Styles and Methods

One approach to teaching is to bring real experiences and real problems into the classroom. This can be motivational and provides an opportunity to show students the importance of the material they are learning and how this information can be applied to the many aspects of their lives. Recognition and responding to different learning styles requires careful and strategic planning. My approach is to prepare and deliver information using several techniques that include lecturing, guest speakers, audio-visuals, laboratory experiments, field visits for sampling exercises and use of method analysis techniques. The idea is that I address a variety of learning styles that range from auditory to visual. I strive to adjust my teaching style to the students rather than expecting my students to adapt to my teaching methods.



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Professor and Program Leader, Fruit and Vegetable Entomology