Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman


Dr. Gillett-Kaufman has a 20% teaching appointment. She is responsible for teaching Insect Vectors of Plant Pathogens (ENY5405), and co-teaching Grant Writing (ALS 6046) with Dr. Jaret Daniels and Feast or Famine in Florence (ALS4404) a study abroad course with Dr. Phil Kaufman. She is a Co-Director of the UF in Florence Global Perspectives Program, one of the largest study abroad programs at UF. Her teaching goals are not limited to the classroom. Dr. Gillett-Kaufman believes that in every interaction we have with students, we have an opportunity to teach. She feels strongly about providing a positive direction for each student in her courses and for students who are actively working with her program.  She also understands how students can learn differently based on social and developmental factors. She uses this understanding to foster student success.  



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Associate Extension Scientist, Integrated Pest Management, Olives