Dr. Roberto M. Pereira


Medical/Veterinary Entomolgy:

Dr. Pereira conducts research on mosquito and fly biology and control methods in order to better understand conditions that favor development of these pests and how to control them. Both flies and mosquitoes are important vectors of diseases that affect humans and animals. Research on control of these pests has been concentrated on the development of traps and other control techniques.

Urban and Structural Entomology:

Several insects live in and around humans causing different problems varying from simple annoyance to disease transmission. Research on cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and other urban pests seeks to identify biological characteristics that can be targeted in control efforts, the development of new traps and control methods, and testing of products for management of urban pests.


Dr. Pereira is interested in the discovery of new diseases that affect ants and other urban pests, and the development of research that leads to a better understanding of the relationship between these pathogens and their hosts. These diseases can be developed into control tools for use in the management of ants and other urban pests.


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Research Scientist, Urban Entomology