Nematode applications in pastures in 2010.

Map shows releases of one billion nematodes in six pasture sites in 2010. The billion nematodes were applied in swaths (strips) over 8 acres at each (treat one swath, skip seven, treat one, skip seven, etc.) relying on the ability of the nematodes to be spread by crawling infected mole crickets. Application was made by newly constructed application machines that began life with chisels to cut into the pasture, but were retrofitted with coulter wheels. Trials of the machines involved undocumented applications in pastures in Flagler, Putnam, and Marion counties. When the machines became fully functional, field days (with local ranchers invited) were held in Duval, Volusia, Alachua, Putnam, Osceola, and Polk counties between Oct. 4 and Dec. 1 Dots show approximate location of the pastures with name of nearest town. Each blue dot indicates an application; each red dot shows that a subsequent visit to the site produced nematode-infected mole crickets (nevertheless, establishment of nematodes should have occurred at all sites).

An explanation for ranchers and livestock agents is given at

Sales of the nematode (as the product Nematac S® ) increased dramatically after the field days, but we have no record of where these nematodes were applied.

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