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Welcome To Our Lab

The University of Florida Landscape Nematology Lab is the premier laboratory dedicated to diagnosis and management of plant-parasitic nematodes affecting turfgrasses and ornamental plants. Our goal is to provide the turfgrass and ornamental industries the information and technologies they need to minimize the harmful effects of nematodes in an effective, safe, and environmentally responsible manner.

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    The green industry (turf and ornamentals) generates $10 billion for Florida’s economy annually. Plant-parasitic nematodes are a major limiting factor to the production and maintenance of turf and ornamental plants in this state. The objective of our extension efforts is to provide our clientele with the best information possible to aid them in making nematode management decisions. Our goal is for our recommendations to be objective and founded on solid scientific data.

    We are affiliated with the Florida Nematode Assay Laboratory where Dr. Crow provides the diagnosis and management recommendations for the turf and ornamental samples. Dr. Crow delivers educational lectures on nematode diagnosis and management for golf course superintendents, landscape pest control operators, nursery growers, sod growers, cut foliage growers, floral growers, athletic field managers, and other commodity groups in Florida, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Crow assists Florida Cooperative Extension faculty and volunteers statewide through training, participating in programs and events, developing materials, and being an "on-call" specialist. Dr. Crow develops Extension Publications to deliver nematode information to the public and authors articles in trade magazines for green industry professionals.

    If you have questions about nematodes, feel free to contact Dr. Crow (it is his job!) by email or phone.

    Email: wtcr@ufl.edu
    Phone: (352) 273-3941

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