Subgenus Megachiloides Mitchell, 5 species

    These were originally placed in the Xeromegachile. As the older genus name suggests, they are common in xeric areas. In Florida, they are most likely to be found in sandhills, scrub, and coastal dunes. Several species are oligolectic on particular species of plants. In comparison to the other subgenera of Megachile, they tend to be relatively restricted in season of flight, perhaps related to their relative specialization on certain flowers.

Key to females of Megachiloides

  1. Lateral ocelli much nearer eyes than to edge of vertex; pubescence of sixth tergum largely appressed, the erect hairs basal, short and inconspicuous. .M. deflexa
  2. Lateral ocelli subequally distant from eyes and edge of vertex, or nearer the vertex; or pubescence of sixth tergum erect and conspicuous..2

  3. Clypeal margin minutely denticulate or tuberculate…3.
  4. Clypeal margin entire….4.

  5. Punctures fine and close in center of mesonotum, minute and crowded on scutellum; scopa on fifth sternum with few if any black hairs…M. integra
  6. Punctures more coarse in center of mesonotum, separated by more than their own width; punctures on scutellum fine and close, but distinct, not crowded except anteriorly; scopa on fifth sternum black along posterior margin. .M. brimleyi

  7. Sixth tergum in profile with no erect or suberect hairs visible, the pubescence very short and closely appressed. M. rubi

Sixth tergum in profile with at least suberect hairs visible…M. integrella

Key to males of Megachilioides

  1. Front metatarsi simple, neither excavated nor dilated…2
  2. Front metatarsi more or less dilated, usually with colors other than black, and more or less excavated on the anterior margin…3.

  3. Front tarsi yellowish, contrasting with the black or piceous mid and hind tarsi. .M. integrella
  4. Front tarsi not contrasting with the others, all black, piceous, or ferruginous…M. deflexa

  5. Front coxal spines broadly spatulate, almost triangular, robust.. M. brimleyi
  6. Front coxal spines more slender and spine-like…4

  7. Seventh tergum broadly rounded or subtriangular…5
  8. Seventh tergum terminated by a quite definite spine-like median protuberance..M. rubi

  9. Front metatarsi broadly dilated, equaling their tibiae in width; carina of sixth tergum broadly rounded and entire. .M. integra

Front metatarsi relatively slender, distinctly narrower than their tibiae; carina of sixth tergum broadly rounded, but the margin irregularly crenulate…M. brimleyi

Note than M. brimleyi males come out twice in the keys depending on the nature of their coxal spines.


Megachilidae: Megachile brimleyi Mitchell

County Records: Levy, Highlands, Bay

megbri.gif (17044 bytes)

Locations: July 13-Sept. 4; July: 1, Aug: 2, Sept.:1


Plants: Oligolege of Galactia

Notes: SE coastal plain endemic (NC to Florida)


megbrimface.GIF (409188 bytes) megbrimand.GIF (359705 bytes) megbrivertex.GIF (409188 bytes) megbriclypeus.GIF (550987 bytes) megbriclypeus2.GIF (413997 bytes)

megbriscutum.GIF (480431 bytes) megbritop.GIF (405158 bytes) megbriside.GIF (345760 bytes) megbriabdtop.GIF (437505 bytes) megbriabdbot.GIF (364664 bytes)

megbriabdside.GIF (436449 bytes) megbriabdside2.GIF (363812 bytes) 


megbriface.GIF (411011 bytes) megbriface2.GIF (392572 bytes) megbrimand.GIF (412586 bytes) megbrivertex.GIF (516971 bytes) megbriabdtop.GIF (412465 bytes)

megbritop.GIF (365446 bytes) megbrifrtarsi.GIF (346631 bytes) mebbritergum67-2.GIF (340329 bytes) megbritergum6bottom.GIF (525059 bytes) megbritergum7.GIF (372522 bytes)

megbriterg6side.GIF (356203 bytes) megbritergum67.GIF (344025 bytes) megbricoxalspines.GIF (331591 bytes) 


Megachilidae: Megachile deflexa Cresson

County Records: Putnam, Clay, Marion, Levy, Alachua; Mitchell lists Duval, Miami-Dade

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Locations: Interlachen; Mitchell lists Jacksonville Beach, Coral Gables

Dates: (April); May 12-Nov. 5; May: 1, July: 1, Aug: 6, Sept.: 4, Oct.:4, Nov.:1

Plants: Rhus glabra; polylectic, many composites and legumes



megdefface.GIF (415508 bytes) megdefmandible.GIF (443380 bytes) megdefmandibleclose.GIF (529561 bytes) megdefmandibleclose2.GIF (433491 bytes) megdefvertex.GIF (424604 bytes)

megdeftop.GIF (401040 bytes) megdefabd.GIF (388568 bytes) megdefabdside.GIF (375225 bytes)


megdefface.GIF (318263 bytes) megdeffront.GIF (423211 bytes)  megdefmand.GIF (276624 bytes) megdefmandclose.GIF (392459 bytes) megdefvertex.GIF (410150 bytes)

megdefside.GIF (272953 bytes) megdeftop.GIF (351889 bytes)   megdefcarterg6.GIF (327758 bytes) megdefcarterg62.GIF (230067 bytes) megdefter6carina.GIF (444961 bytes)

   megdefter7.GIF (439880 bytes) megdefteethter7.GIF (467256 bytes) megdefgenital.GIF (459440 bytes) megdefgenital2.GIF (436518 bytes) megdefgenital3.GIF (437734 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile integra Cresson

County Records: Levy, Orange, Clay, Citrus, Escambia, Alachua, Highlands, Gilchrist

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Locations: Orlando

Dates: May 13-Aug. 24; May: 1, July: 9, Aug: 5

Plants: Galactia sp, Glycine max, Phaseolus, Eriogonus tomentosus; many legumes and composites



megintegraface.GIF (397837 bytes) megintegraface2.GIF (349385 bytes) megintegramand.GIF (443054 bytes) megintegramandclose.GIF (547118 bytes) megintegramandclose2.GIF (610116 bytes)

megintegravertex.GIF (384446 bytes) megintegratop.GIF (376980 bytes) megintegrascutum.GIF (493206 bytes) megintegraside.GIF (326619 bytes) megintegraabdtop.GIF (384374 bytes)

megintegraabd.GIF (316996 bytes) megintegraabdtopclose.GIF (542718 bytes) megintegrasterna6.GIF (319335 bytes) 


megintegraface.GIF (399441 bytes) megintegramand.GIF (385542 bytes) megintegravertex.GIF (392940 bytes) megintegratop.GIF (383306 bytes) megintegraside.GIF (342281 bytes)

megintegratarsi.GIF (414980 bytes) megintegratarsi2.GIF (373729 bytes) megintegrahindtarsi.GIF (351790 bytes) megintegrasternum.GIF (367866 bytes) megintegrat7.GIF (366830 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile integrella Mitchell

County Records: Alachua, Nassau, Clay, Putnam; Mitchell lists Lee

megintegrella.gif (17569 bytes)

Locations: Fort Myers

Dates: April 11-November 4; April: 2, May: 3, Oct.:1, Nov.:1

Plants: Chrysobalanus oblongifolus

Notes: SE coastal plain endemic (NC to Florida)


megintegrellaface.GIF (459115 bytes) megintegrellaface2.GIF (449989 bytes) megintegrellamandclose.GIF (564250 bytes) megintegrellavertex.GIF (406697 bytes) megintegrellatop.GIF (411010 bytes)

megintegrellatopabd.GIF (417919 bytes) megintegrellaside.GIF (365961 bytes) megintegrellaabd.GIF (383788 bytes) megintegrellaabdclose.GIF (557837 bytes) megintegrellaabdside2.GIF (333381 bytes)


megintegrellaface.GIF (433127 bytes) megintegrellamand.GIF (377352 bytes) megintegrellamandclose.GIF (485525 bytes) megintegrellamandside.GIF (367092 bytes) megintegrellavertex.GIF (571937 bytes)

megintegrellatop.GIF (404604 bytes) megintegrellaside.GIF (370922 bytes) megintegrellatarsi.GIF (512800 bytes) megintegrellatarsi2.GIF (523191 bytes) megintegrellatarsi3.GIF (496299 bytes)

megintegrellasternum.GIF (479640 bytes) megintsternum2.GIF (327838 bytes) megintegrellatergum7.GIF (442099 bytes) megintegrellatergum72.GIF (533391 bytes)

Megachilidae: Megachile rubi Mitchell

County Records: Alachua, Suwanee, Highlands, Liberty (also caught in Lowndes County, Georgia)

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Dates: March 31-May 16; March: 1, April: 8, May: 1

Plants: Rubus sp., Ilex cassine

Notes: Nests in sandy loam soils; SE coastal plain endemic (NC to Florida)


megrubiface.GIF (372970 bytes) megrubiclypeus.GIF (456401 bytes) megrubimand.GIF (420227 bytes) megrubimandclose.GIF (551010 bytes) megrubivertex.GIF (362762 bytes) megrubitop.GIF (384800 bytes) megrubiside.GIF (359550 bytes) megrubiabdside.GIF (320944 bytes) megrubiabdside2.GIF (323643 bytes) megrubiabdtop.GIF (384158 bytes)



megrubfront.GIF (407690 bytes) megrubmandclose.GIF (492822 bytes) megrubmandlower.GIF (392165 bytes) megrubvertex.GIF (401988 bytes) megrubside.GIF (382874 bytes)

megrubiabdtop.GIF (384670 bytes) megrubitop.GIF (382621 bytes) megrubsternum.GIF (357364 bytes) megrubtergum67.GIF (521291 bytes) megrubtergum7.GIF (361217 bytes)

megrubtergum7close.GIF (447501 bytes) megrubtarsi.GIF (370305 bytes) megrubtarsi2.GIF (399277 bytes) megrubtarsiclose.GIF (480831 bytes)