giant airplant
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giant airplant

Florida's Native Bromeliads   

Guzmania monostachia
West Indian Airplant

Guzmania monostachia Scientific name: Guzmania monostachia (L.) Rusby ex. Mez.

Common names: West Indian tufted airplant, Fuchs' bromeliad, strap-leaved guzmania.

Status in Florida: Endangered.

Threats to this plant in Florida: Mexican bromeliad weevil (Metamasius callizona), illegal collecting, habitat destruction.

Distribution: Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central America to northern Peru and Brazil.

Distribution in Florida: Collier, Miami-Dade, mainland Monroe Counties.
Occurrence in Florida: Before the Mexican bromeliad weevil, large, dense, localized populations could be found in deep slough habitat, where water depth, water-holding capacity of the peat soils, and canopy provide optimal conditions. Now, these populations are being destroyed by the weevil.

Habitat: Terrestrial (rockland hammock), palustrine (slough, strand swamp); most abundant on pop ash (Fraxinus caroliniana) and pond apple (Annona glabra).

Description: Tank epiphyte; may be terrestrial; bright green, flexible, non-scaly, strap-shaped leaves, nearly parallel-sided and tapering abruptly at the tip, 2-3 cm (3/4 - 1  1/8 in.) wide and up to 50 cm (20 in.) long (usually 25-30 cm [10-12 in.]); leaves may be green-and-white striped (var. variegata); single floral spike (“monostachia” means “one spike”) up to 40 cm (16 in.), with many spirally-arranged flowers; salmon-colored apical floral bracts in Florida; white flowers, 3 cm (1  1/8in.) long; long, cylindrical seed capsules, up to 4 cm (1  1/2 in.); may produce many vegetative offshoots.

Time of flowering: All year, mainly February - August, especially May – July.

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Florida's Native Bromeliads

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