Insect Vocab


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1. The third body part of an insect.
9. How many pairs of legs does an insect have?
10. The word meaning land-dwelling or land-based.
11. The word describing the extreme physical changes that insects go through during the stages of their life.
12. An insect with chewing mouthparts. They like to hop.
14. The second body part of an insect.


2. A blood-sucking insect.
3. Young insect that may resemble its adult form is called this.
4. A beautiful insect that undergoes complete metamorphosis. A monarch is an example.
5. Where dragonfly larvae live.
6. The type a insect a ladybug is.
7. Small organisms that lack a backbone.
8. Young insect that changes completely in form as it grows.
13. First body part of an insect.