Financial Assistance

Scholarships Administered by the
Department of Entomology and Nematology

Entomology and Nematology offers one of, if not the largest cadre of undergraduate scholarships within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Application deadlines are typically in August annually with allocations made in September. Two special full-tuition scholarships are available to community college transfer students choosing entomology as a major and/or University students who wish to change their major to entomology. Scholarship applications are available at: Undergraduate scholarships typically are allocated in $500, $1000, and/or $1500 increments. GPA, honors and awards, leadership experience and involvement in extra-curricular activities are the principal evaluation criteria.

To be eligible for an Entomology and Nematology Undergraduate Scholarship, a student must be either a major or dual major in one of the department's six degree tracks. To be competitive for a scholarship, the student must demonstrate good academic performance, examples of leadership development, extra curricular activities and, where available, examples of honors and awards received. Eligible students interested in scholarships offered by the Department of Entomology and Nematology are encouraged to view the application forms available on the entomology club web site, then to contact the Undergraduate Coordinator with any further questions: Rebecca Baldwin, Undergraduate Coordinator, 352-273-3974 ( The department administers the following scholarships, named after individual donors:

Leland A. Davis Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
As a tribute to UF Alumnus Dr Leland A Davis, this scholarship was established by contributions from his wife, Libby Davis, friends and colleagues. Entomology and Nematology majors displaying scholarship or leadership abilities may apply for this scholarship.

Milledge Murphey Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Murphey was an outstanding educator at UF, and well liked by his students, many of which contributed to this endowment in his honor.

John A. Mulrennan, Sr. Scholarship
Dr. Mulrennan has a very successful career in medical entomology and did much to advance mosquito management in Florida and to alleviate mosquito-transmitted diseases. Undergraduate majors may qualify for this award based on scholarship and financial need. Interest in a career in medical entomology is preferred.

Earl Dixon, Jr. Scholarship
R. Earl Dixon established this scholarship in memory of his son, Robert E. Dixon. Department majors with interest in agricultural or urban pest management may apply for this scholarship, which is awarded  based on scholarship, financial need, leadership, professional potential.

Carolyn D. Richardson Scholarship
R. Earl Dixon established this scholarship in recognition  of his daughter, Carolyn D. Richardson. Department majors with interest in agricultural or urban pest management may apply for this scholarship, which is awarded  based on scholarship, financial need, leadership, professional potential.

Lawrence Hetrick Scholarship/Fellowship
Active in many professional associations, Dr. Hetrick captivated students and audiences with his imaginative and detailed accounts of nature.  Department majors may apply, with the award based on scholarship, financial need, leadership.

Everett M. Mitchell Scholarship/Fellowship
Everett Mitchell established this scholarship to support student interested in biological control or integrated pest management. A former USDA scientist, Dr. Mitchell was known for pioneering research involving pheromones and biological control.

Joseph L. Knapp Scholarship/Fellowship
A long-time faculty member in the Department, Dr. Knapp was known for his work in citrus pest management. Department students interested in a career in agricultural entomology may apply.

Dempsey Sapp Urban Entomology Scholarship
This award honors department graduate Dempsey Sapp who went on to develop the "Florida Pest Control and Chemical Company", one of the nation's largest independent pest control Companies.

David F. Williams Scholarship/Fellowship
This award was established by David F. Williams, noted medical and urban entomologist. This award is made to undergraduate majors based on professional potential.


Other Financial Assistance

blueball  Florida Entomological Society Scholarships - The FES awards three $500 grants to students majoring in Entomology or related disciplines. The recipients must be members of FES and full-time students with at least one year remaining in their degree program. Awarded each year at the FES meeting.
blueball  Florida Pest Control Association Scholarship - The FPCA sponsors four tuition scholarships for incoming juniors majoring in Urban Pest Management. Two scholarships will be awarded each fall semester and will provide $1200 per year for two years. Applications in the spring semester.
blueball  Phi Chi Omega Scholarship - Each year the national fraternity for pest control professionals, awards several $800 scholarships to promising students majoring in urban or industrial pest control or a closely related area. Awards are competitive on a national basis.
blueball  Entomology Society of America (ESA) Undergraduate Scholarship - The ESA awards an annual $1000 undergraduate scholarship sponsored by BioQuip Products. Available on a national competitive basis and awarded according to scholarship, need and career goals.