North American Katydids

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Representative species of the eight major groups of North American katydids [key to major groups]
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Katydid classifications

Taxonomists have many schemes for classifying katydids (Tettigonioidea). The one used here is to put all except the "hump-winged grigs" (Haglidae) into the family Tettigoniidae and to divide the North American species of Tettigoniidae among seven subfamilies. Two of the seven, Conocephalinae (meadow katydids) and Copiphorinae (coneheads), are often merged into a more broadly defined Conocephalinae. On the other hand, the katydids that are here placed in the subfamily Tettigoniinae (shieldbacks and allies) are sometimes divided among three subfamilies. As with the crickets, taxonomists agree on the natural groupings of North American species, but they disagree on how the groups should be ranked in the hierarchy of taxonomic categories.


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The table below indicates stages of completion of the pages for North American katydids.
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subfamily (or family) maps photos drawings songs text key refs
Conocephalinae - meadow katydids yes yes yes yes inc yes yes
Copiphorinae - coneheaded katydids yes yes yes yes inc yes yes
Prophalangopsidae - hump-winged grigs yes yes yes yes yes -- yes
Meconematinae - quiet-calling katydids yes yes yes yes yes -- yes
Phaneropterinae - false katydids yes yes yes yes no yes yes
Pseudophyllinae - true katydids yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Saginae - stick katydids yes -- yes -- yes -- yes
Tettigoniinae - shield-backed katydids yes yes yes yes inc inc yes