Information for those contributing photographs
to Singing Insects of North America [SINA]

You retain the copyrights to any photographs you allow to be posted on SINA.

Each of your posted photographs will be accompanied by a credit line similar to this one: "Photograph by J. L. Dough, Tennessee Botanical Gardens, used by permission."

Details of copyright policy for items on SINA are at easily accessed from SINA's home page ( and from the first of SINA's frequently asked questions (

If you contribute one or more photographs to SINA, your name will be added to the list of contributors at

If you request it (but not otherwise), your name will be added to the list of contributors who allow their photographs to be used by others, without requiring specific permission, for noncommercial, not-for-profit purposes. Those wishing to use the photographs commercially still must get written permission from those who hold the copyrights, as explained more fully at

Formats and pixel counts
Photographs are best sent as jpeg files attached to e-mail. For each picture, please send the highest pixel-count version you have (but it need not be larger than what will fit in a rectangle 1280 pixels wide and 960 pixels high--in either landscape or portrait orientation). From that version I will make images of lower pixel counts as needed.

You probably have noticed that most photographs on SINA are displayed in three sizes: thumbnail, "regular", and "jumbo". The jumbo size is the largest size posted (as large as 1280 pixels in the longer dimension), the regular size is usually a separate file with 640 pixels in the longer dimension, but for images posted after July 2009, the regular image is a display of the same file as the jumbo image but with the longer dimension reduced to 640 pixels by the browser.

Satisfaction guaranteed
If you are ever dissatisfied with what is posted on SINA under your name, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your concerns. If I can't, I'll remove the offending items.

Thomas J. Walker