Specimens and songs of FSCA Ensifera



This page gives access to documents and data relating to the Ensifera Collection of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods. While FSCA includes many of the specimens that enabled the creation of the SINA website, it also has extensive holdings from the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

Who may wish to download documents or spreadsheets from this site?

  • Those wanting to learn about FSCA holdings of Ensifera
  • Those visiting the FSCA Ensifera collection who need information about it that is not easily available from FSCA staff
  • Those wanting to learn what ensiferan songs in the Walker Tape Library (WTL) were archived by the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds (MLNS)
  • Those visiting FSCA who want to know how to access these songs locally [details yet to be arranged]
  • Those wanting to access TJW’s field notes for North American specimens and tape recordings [archived at IR@UF (UF’s Institutional Repository)]
  • Those wanting access to TJW’s field notes for Caribbean specimens and tape recordings [archived at IR@UF (UF’s Institutional Repository)]
  • Those wanting to access TJW’s notes on field observations and experiments from 1978-2012 [archived at IR@UF (UF’s Institutional Repository)]
Documents (drafted in MS Word and saved to PDF) [archive of Word versions To Be Added]
Excel spreadsheets of FSC holdings.
Links for quick access to revelant items that are part of the main SINA site
Tables from TJW's GrylTett database (as Excel spreadsheets)

Original tables
The eight tables from GrylTett.mdb, an Access 2000 database, were archived in zipped compressed format here by UF’s Institutional Repository on 4Jan2016. For easier online access, these tables were unzipped and are made individually available below in csv format [the originals were in xls rather than xlsx format]. The fields of each of the eight tables are listed here

Updated versions of tblRecordedSongs (in progress)
This table has been updated to include only the 6473 WTL records that have Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds (MLNS) accession numbers. In other words, they exclude the 3264 WTL records that TJW deemed of lesser importance during the five years that he sent large batches of tape to MLNS for digitizing and archiving.
The primary purpose of this series of updates was to make it easy to find the accession numbers of WTL recordings that were archived by MLNS. However, In working with this table over a period of years, many typos and some more serious errors were detected and corrected.

Updated versions of tblSpecies (in progress)