sagebrush grig
Cyphoderris strepitans Morris and Gwynne 1978

mated pair
 subgenital plate

Identification:  Length 17–26 mm. Male subgenital plate with prominent, ventrally directed process that is not terminally cleft.

Habitat:  High altitude sagebrush prairie and open forests of lodgepole pine and subalpine fir.

Season:  June–Aug.

Song at 25°C:  A succession of short trills consisting of short duration pulses produced at a rate of about 54/s. The carrier frequency is nearly pure and about 13 kHz. Males call at night and stay within a meter of the forest floor. Calling occurs at temperatures as low as 2°C!

Similar species:  C. monstrosa has the ventrally directed process of male subgenital plate shaped like the nail-pulling claw of a hammer.

More information:  family Prophalangopsidae

References:  Eggert & Sakaluk 1994, Mesa & Ferreira 1984, Morris et al. 1978, Sakaluk et al. 1987, Sakaluk & Snedden 1990, Sakaluk et al. 1995, Snedden & Sakaluk 1992, Snedden & Irazuzta 1994, Snedden 1996.

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)